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Distance learning courses in the pastoral care and mentoring of children and young people

Pastoral Care for Kids

Dr Gordon Bailey BA

50 years experience in the field, working with children and training others to work with children. Specialising in pastoral care, mentoring, identifying problems and in communication skills.

Founder of a UK national charity providing pastoral care and training for UK schools.

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Pastoral Care Training Course

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Pastoral care training course overview and order

The phrase pastoral care can and has been used to encompass a wide variety of activities related to the care of children, usage that has resulted in a kind of vagueness when it comes to providing a specific definition.

I wish to offer a very singular definition that will naturally lead to particular activities that have definite objectives with regard to the care of the young. It is a definition that has seated itself more comfortably in my thinking and practice during the fifty years or so that I have been involved in the care of the young.

I believe your participation in and satisfactory completion of this course will provide you with a basic understanding of pastoral care, together with knowledge and understandings that will fit you better for your own involvement with children and young people.

The short course includes course notes, reading list and exercise. You also have the option to have your exercise graded and a certificate issued upon successful completion.

Please read Terms before booking a course. To purchase click on the ‘add to bag’ button on the relevant page, click on ‘go to checkout’ and complete payment procedures. Once your payment has cleared your course will be sent to you by email.

Pastoral Care Training Course

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