Pastoral Care   for Kids

Distance learning courses in the pastoral care and mentoring of children and young people

Pastoral Care for Kids

Dr Gordon Bailey BA

50 years experience in the field, working with children and training others to work with children. Specialising in pastoral care, mentoring, identifying problems and in communication skills.

Founder of a UK national charity providing pastoral care and training for UK schools.

Distance Learning Courses

Pastoral Care Training Course

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Basic Needs Training Course

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Problems Training Course

Communication Training Course

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Distance learning courses for people working with children and young people

Each of the short courses is unique in itself. However, the courses are designed to be complementary and anyone considering working through them would be advised to complete them in the order they appear on this site.

Purchasing a course the student would be provided with course notes, recommended reading and an exercise. Should the student wish to have the exercise graded and a certificate of achievement awarded an extra cost would be incurred.

I set very high standards and will not award a Certificate where there has been insufficient research and/or where the student has not paid attention to the structure and quality of the completed exercise.

The marking procedure is explained in detail on the Grading page. Should a student be dissatisfied with the grade awarded he/she may query the grade and/or resubmit the exercise.

The short course will be provided automatically by email once payment has cleared.

Courses cost 28 each (ungraded) or, including grading and certificate, 39.50. We have special offers for students purchasing all four courses with a single payment. To purchase click on the ‘add to bag’ button on the relevant page, click on ‘open bag’ and complete checkout procedures. Once your payment has cleared your course will be sent to you by email. Should you decide after choosing the ‘course only’ option that you do want your paper graded you will need to pay an additional fee of 15. Purchase Grading.

1. Pastoral Care

A short course with a definition of pastoral care that leads to useful knowledge and understandings

Pastoral Care Course >>

2. Basic Needs

A short training programme offering a unique hierarchy of needs and a look at provision and protection

Basic Needs Course >>

3. Problems

This course examines the prevention, identification and resolution of problems

Problems Course >>

4. Communication

A course offering a radical view of communication, looking at both verbal and non-verbal skills

Communication Course >>