Pastoral Care   for Kids

Distance learning courses in the pastoral care and mentoring of children and young people

Pastoral Care for Kids

Dr Gordon Bailey BA

50 years experience in the field, working with children and training others to work with children. Specialising in pastoral care, mentoring, identifying problems and in communication skills.

Founder of a UK national charity providing pastoral care and training for UK schools.

Distance Learning Courses

Pastoral Care Training Course

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Basic Needs Training Course

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Problems Training Course

Communication Training Course

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Course grading

Details on how completed exercises are marked.

Certificates will be graded as follows:

Grasp - has the student grasped, fully understood the subject matter and expressed this understanding in the completed exercise? 20 marks

Rationale - how well has the student demonstrated the reasoning undertaken in arriving at the conclusions drawn? 20 marks

Articulation - has a high standard been achieved in the way the student has constructed and written the exercise? 20 marks

Data - how much information has the student gathered from sources other than the course notes? 20 marks

Excellence - 20% of the marks earned will result from the course tutors opinion as to the overall quality or excellence of the exercise submitted.

0% to 40%  The student will have failed to earn a Certificate

41% to 60%  Grade D

61% to 75%  Grade C

76% to 85%  Grace B

86% to 100%  Grade A - with Distinction

Certificates will be sent by email.

Grading Only

If you purchased a course without grading but have since decided that you do want your paper to be marked please use the purchase button.