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Distance learning courses in the pastoral care and mentoring of children and young people

Pastoral Care for Kids

Dr Gordon Bailey BA

50 years experience in the field, working with children and training others to work with children. Specialising in pastoral care, mentoring, identifying problems and in communication skills.

Founder of a UK national charity providing pastoral care and training for UK schools.

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Pastoral Care Training Course

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Basic Needs Training Course

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Problems Training Course

Communication Training Course

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Communication training course overview and order

If you are serious in your desire to be an effective communicator I believe this short course will enable you to discover the basic principles you will require, as well as some of the understandings necessary to becoming effective in putting these principles into practice.

In this course we will be considering:

  1. I will offer my own very personal definition and understanding of the meaning of the word communicating, an understanding that has enabled me to be effective in my fifty years or so of communicating with children and young people
  2. Verbal communication skills
  3. Non-verbal communication
  4. Hindrances to effective communication

It would help you to complete this course if you had previously undertaken the ‘Pastoral Care’, ‘Basic Needs’ and ‘Problems’  courses. This course is designed to stand alone but a great deal follows on naturally from the previous programmes.

The short course includes course notes, reading list and exercise. You also have the option to have your exercise graded and a certificate issued upon successful completion.

Please read Terms before booking a course. To purchase click on the ‘add to bag’ button on the relevant page, click on ‘go to checkout’ and complete payment procedures. Once your payment has cleared your course will be sent to you by email.

Communication Training Course

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