Pastoral Care   for Kids

Distance learning courses in the pastoral care and mentoring of children and young people

Pastoral Care for Kids

Dr Gordon Bailey BA

50 years experience in the field, working with children and training others to work with children. Specialising in pastoral care, mentoring, identifying problems and in communication skills.

Founder of a UK national charity providing pastoral care and training for UK schools.

Distance Learning Courses

Pastoral Care Training Course

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Basic Needs Training Course

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Problems Training Course

Communication Training Course

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Distance learning courses and school in-set days for pastoral care and the mentoring of children and young people

Mentoring and counselling the young is a challenge; is demanding of deep, lasting commitment; it can drain one’s energy and bring a lifetime of joy!

I am delighted that you are looking for pastoral care training because you wish to work with children and young people; their needs are so great.

Undertaken with no other motive but unconditional love it will provide real benefits for the young and fulfilment of the mentor.

I offer a variety of distance learning courses as well as a school in-set training day (UK only).

Distance learning courses are paid for through PayPal - once payment has cleared you will be sent an email with all course material including recommended reading and exercises to complete.

You can choose to have your course exercises graded if you wish in which case high standards of work are expected. Certificates will be issued to all who successfully complete a course where the exercise has been submitted and graded.

A lifetime of practical experience and training

Dr Gordon Bailey BA founder of a registered charity dedicated to the pastoral care of children

Every opinion contained in the course notes is based upon what I have discovered and learned during more than 50 years involved in work with the young; opinions that result from testing knowledge and understanding by two criteria:

  1. Does this make sense? and
  2. Does it work, in practice?

I would ask you to read the About page because the information it contains will help you to set my opinions in their proper context.

About Gordon Bailey >>

Training courses

Available distance learning courses for those people working with, or planning to work with, children and young people

Pastoral Care

A short course with a definition of pastoral care that leads to useful knowledge and understandings

Pastoral Care Course >>

Basic Needs

A short training programme offering a unique hierarchy of needs and a look at provision and protection

Basic Needs Course >>


This course examines the prevention, identification and resolution of problems

Problems Course >>


A course offering a radical view of communication, looking at both verbal and non-verbal skills

Communication Course >>

"I appreciate everything you have shared, especially bringing the awareness to those who want to embrace this wonderful career that it should not be about ego and personal success." Pastoral Care Course